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She was destined to bring light to the lives of others. Since birth she was taught to fight at every step, to make her way on her own. Born deprived of the capabilities to hear and speak, she learned to fret for her path, to move ahead and to not to look back.

She did her schooling from Jaipur whilst going through many adversities, including the incidence when the schools for the so called “normal” kids denied to grant her an admission. She has now emerged to be a promising artist.

The fresh pioneer's beautiful thoughts can be clearly seen by her choice of favorites out of her works. She chooses her portrait of Mother Teresa as her personal favorite, “My favorite painting is the painting of Mother Teresa. I feel that more than your words, your works speak for you,” she says

Recently her debut exhibition named “Pehla Prayaas” was a huge success. It hosted a wide variety of paintings crafted by the creative painter including many thought provoking portraits, many signifying her and many other's wish to break through from the shackles of the narrow-minded society and live under a sky free from the diplomatic percussions created by the people.

What She Does

Deepali has the talent to create magnificence out of charcoal, water colours, oil colours and what not! She has captured beauty on her canvases in the forms of depictions of nature, abstract paintings, portraits.

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News About Deepali

Stay updated with all the news about Deepali. It’s a great way to sneak into the artistic world of this talented artist and admire her creative paintings that she makes taking inspiration from the beautiful world around her.

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Event Galleries

Know what the young talented artist is up to and which painting she has added to her large collection and which event gallery she is heading to. Stay updated on the latest events and what Deepali is showcasing.

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Latest Paintings


I personally believe that Deepali is one of those rare gems that if given the encouragement can really bring a fresh air to art world. _____ Shailendra.


I am really inspired by the deep thoughts that deepali depicts in her painting. This lad is surely something special. Wish her a great future ahead. _____ Sudipto Gosh


I have seen her painting in her debut art exhibition and really amazed by the versatility of creativity that she shows through her brush. Kudos Deepali. _____ Sudhanshu Chandan

Deepali Sharma’s painting titled “My Intricacy” has been selected in 58th Annual Art Exhibition 2017 organized by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur. Her sister Chhavi Sharma’s woodcut titled “Tribal boy” & etching “Seedling” have been selected in 37th Student’s Art Exhibition 2017 organized by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy. Deepali Sharma got 6th place with consolation prize in All India Painting Competition “Paint my thought” organized by Nav Shri Art, Delhi in April 2017. Her sister Chhavi Sharma also got 9th place in the same competition.


Recent Paintings

Nature Whispers

Unheard sounds of nature

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Dusk- One More Fine Day Ends

The Whisper of Dusk is Night Shedding its Husk

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Cruize to the Ocean

Unfolding the secrets of life

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