About The Young Artist Chhavi Sharma

Like her sister Deepali Sharma the renowned name in Jaipur Art Galleries, Chhavi Sharma too was born to change the fate of her life. Despite the speech and hearing impairment since birth her father Mr. Surendra Sharma knew both of his children are special. Her father’s firm determination and her own zeal to stand against all odds have now transformed Chhavi Sharma into a completely different human being.

Today her art work attracts renowned artists and painting maestros not only in Jaipur but from all parts of the country. Initially Chhavi was not sure whether she possesses the qualities of an artist but when she saw her sister Deepali Sharma painting her own world with her imagination she decided “Art” is something she relates to. She gradually started learning the minutest details of art making. When asked about why she chose “Art”, Chhavi Says “Art is something that provides me the chance to communicate my thoughts without being vocal”.

Chhavi is influenced by painters of the Baroque period. She emphasizes on facial expressions more and likes to integrate different human moods in her paintings. She is expert at abstract canvas art, oil painting, charcoal painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, oil pastel painting, glass painting and various forms of Indian paintings.

Chhavi has her own collection of paintings which she has created with her imagination and all of her art work has garnered her appreciation from renowned artists as well as people who are frequent visitors at art exhibitions in Jaipur, India.


II place in B.V.A.(Painting),2016


  1. Participation in Jaipur Art Summit 2016 in Jaipur (An International event)
  2. Solo Exhibition in 2016 in Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
  3. Participation in 35th Student’s Exhibition by Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur in 2015(2 paintings selected)
  4. Participation in various group exhibitions in from 2012 to 2016 by ICG College and IIS University, Jaipur.
  5. Participation in 37th Student’s Exhibition by Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur in 2017(2 paintings selected)
  6. 9th place in All India Painting Competition “Paint my thoughts” organised by Nav Shri Art, Delhi
  7. Solo exhibition in Lokayata Art Gallery, Hauz Khas, New Delhi in Dec.2017
  8. Participation in Sambhar Mahotsav ,2018
  9. Participation in group exhibition in Indore with Progressive Artist Group, March,2018
  10. 10. Participation in All India Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018 organized by Bengal Art Foundation, Kolkata.
  11. Participating in Art Asia Nov.2018 in Kintex, South Korea
  12. Participation in International Art and Calligraphy festival in Jaipur , 2018
  13. Joint exhibition in Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur in March,2019
  14. Participating in Art Expo Newyork, 2019 from 4th to 7th April.