Indian painting is a subject in which we have created a distinct identity in the world over time. It has been a subject of constant inspiration from a long time. Today, paintings made by Indian painters are sold in the country as well as abroad for millions. During the colonial period, the western influence on Indian art and Jaipur art gallery was fully felt. During this period, there were many painters who made beautiful depictions of Indian subjects disguised as Western attitudes and realism. At the same time there were artists like Gemini Roy who took inspiration from folk art. After Indian independence, progressive artists chose new themes and mediums to express the aspirations of post-independent India. Among the six prominent painters of this group, K.H. Aga, S. K. Goat, H.A. Gade, M.F. Hussain, S. H. Raza and F. N. Souza included. The group was disbanded in 1956 but in a short time it completely changed the Indian painting landscape.

A famous painter of this period is Amrita Shergill who created a new Indian style. Other great painters include Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and Ravi Varma. The current famous painters include Bal Chabda, VS. Gaitonde, Krishnan Khanna, Ramkumar. Zahra Dasgupta, Prodas Karmakar and Bijon Chaudhary have also contributed to enriching Indian art and culture.

Indian paintings also represent a special kind of unity like Indian culture from ancient times to till today. Indian painting was primarily inspired by religious sentiment during the ancient and medieval times, but by the time of the modern period, it represents a largely cosmic life. Today Indian painting is taking the theme of folk life and making it tangible which you can see in various painting gallery online.

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Over the time, there are many painters who have made their own identity in this field of art while facing challenges. It is indeed a matter of pride. Today Indian painters have become famous in the world through their art. Their paintings are being appreciated worldwide. Those paintings are being purchased in big auctions. This not only gives encouragement to Indian painters and pencil sketch artist in Jaipur but also shows the path to move forward by fighting the challenges that are present in front of them.

The result of all this is that many such amazing artists like Deepali Sharma are present around us today whose work speaks their story. For example, Deepali Art Gallery is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Not only the paintings will be seen in this art gallery, but the emotions that have been used in making these paintings are bigger than any value. Whether it is a beautiful painting of Mother Teresa or the new work of this gallery “Pehla pryas” touches your heart. Every painting in the Deepali Art Gallery has created an identity for itself in the mind of the beholder. Deepali Art Gallery is actually a good example of modern art paintings that is trying to make its mark on the world stage. If you are interested in these modern art paintings, then you can also buy them. For that you can visit Deepali Art Gallery or you can buy these Indian paintings by visiting on deepali art gallery website