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It is said that artists are a different league and it’s no exception with Deepali Sharma who despite of all odds has become a welcoming artist for the best art galleries in Jaipur India. Deepali Sharma being an artist takes inspiration from some famous art galleries in Jaipur India and quite frequently displays her canvas painting in Jaipur, oil pastel painting, charcoal painting, water colour painting in some of the best art galleries in Jaipur India and also showcases her painting gallery online. Deepali is an avid follower of art exhibition in Jaipur because this is what inspires her to setup her very own Deepali art gallery in Jaipur India.

Though she cannot hear and speak since birth but she engraves her emotions through her paintings. Deepali Sharma has collaborated with many painting gallery online and many other online painting selling website and is one of the best pencil sketch artist in Jaipur. Deepali Sharma aims at providing a ray of hope for all those budding artists through her Deepali art gallery in Jaipur India. Upon asking what has made her to develop inclination toward painting and to be an artist, she tells through sign language that when you are short of words, art is the only way to express you and let the world know. She is a regular and acclaimed artist at art exhibition in Jaipur.

Deepali Sharma is proficient at sketch painting, oil pastel painting, paper painting, canvas painting, charcoal painting, water colour painting, acrylic painting etc. She has displayed her work in various oil pastel painting gallery in Jaipur and paper painting gallery in Jaipur. She ranks top for the art painting gallery near me as her work speaks for itself. Deepali Sharma has also matured and has developed a sense in her work that amazes even the renowned artists in Jaipur. She surely is an artist that is going to make her mark in art exhibition and famous art galleries in Jaipur India.

Recently her debut exhibition named “Pehla Prayaas” was a huge success. It hosted a wide variety of paintings crafted by the creative painter including many thought provoking portraits, many signifying her and many other’s wish to break through from the shackles of the narrow-minded society and live under a sky free from the diplomatic percussions created by the people.



Sometimes words can awaken you but for that you have to attain certain level of satisfaction in your life. But if you choose the path of moksha and consciously make efforts to attain saturation in your life then things will be different. You will be able to see things differently from different perspectives and the whole world will look like a new place. A strive toward moksha will awaken your senses and it’s the best thing you can achieve in your life.



Following the rituals will take you closer to religion but following the abstract of saints and holy books will decide the fate of your life journey. Life is not meant to follow a religion, it’s about following the basics so that you can become a better person each passing day. Religion is you but religion is not because of you, adhering to what religion preaches will take you closer to be good human being. Take blessings of saints and solidify your religious belief.


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Deepali has the talent to create magnificence out of charcoal, water colours, oil colours and what not! She has captured beauty on her canvases in the forms of depictions of nature, abstract paintings, portraits.

Stay updated with all the news about Deepali. It’s a great way to sneak into the artistic world of this talented artist and admire her creative paintings that she makes taking inspiration from the beautiful world around her.

Know what the young talented artist is up to and which painting she has added to her large collection and which event gallery she is heading to. Stay updated on the latest events and what Deepali is showcasing.

Childhood is a perfect replica of innocence and pure soul. Childhood is also about finding happiness in smallest of things. A child is closest to God because when you grow up the worldly desires overpower the childhood innocence once inherited by a person. Being a child also defines freedom from stress and anxiety and other worldly responsibilities. Childhood is the shell which tends to break at a certain age and the person is exposed to the sins of the world.

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I am really inspired by the deep thoughts that deepali depicts in her painting. This lad is surely something special. Wish her a great future ahead.

Sudipto Gosh

I have seen her painting in her debut art exhibition and really amazed by the versatility of creativity that she shows through her brush. Kudos Deepali

Sudhanshu Chandan

I personally believe that Deepali is one of those rare gems that if given the encouragement can really bring a fresh air to art world.

Ranjan Malik